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"Drive in Style, Performance, and Confidence"

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Above all our top-quality car repair in Dubai, our technicians and engineers cater to an array of general and maintenance services. While  Irrespective of the needs of your car, we at TRD Car Repair Garage have got you covered. Therefore from vehicle service to general repairs, our experienced and professional staffs are always eager to help you.

TRD Car Repair Dubai is your one-stop car repair service center in Dubai. Hence our TRG garage was established on the vision that car users should have a reliable dealership alternative. People should have access to a dealership alternative that is not costly while meeting all the quality standards.

With our flawless service, we are one of the most trusted and respected car service centers in Dubai. We have a professional team of auto engineers and technicians who understand the requirements of your vehicle. What’s more, we have a large inventory of original spare parts for a wide variety and models of cars. Let’s take a glance at the comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services available at our garage.


Car Repair Services

Car Services


Battery Replacement

Car AC Repair Services

CAR DETAILING & Repair Services

Scanning & Diagnostics

Oil Change & related Services

mAINTENANCE services

In addition to maintaining your car’s maintenance schedule is essential for keeping it in good working order. However, these maintenance tasks frequently seem to take a backseat. While we are less inclined to take our automobiles to the workshop when it seems like nothing is wrong .

However, the reality is that a smart car owner understands that scheduling routine auto servicing is the best possible thing you could do for your automobile – and for your busy life! In general, regular maintenance is more cheaper and takes far less duration than major auto repairs. So that it still require more persuasion on how scheduling regular auto maintenance may make your life simpler.


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Responsible Car Services

Whenever a mechanic is in charge of checking and servicing automobiles. On the other hand these experts, often referred to as service technicians, supervise service inspections. Furthermore, keep the track of inventory, put together mechanical parts, and make repairs. Whenever there is no male family member around and you are concerned about security, they are responsible for taking care of you. As a result, they fully satisfy their obligation to execute their work.

Learn About Car Repair & Maintenance

Therefore our experts answer the most frequently asked questions about service.

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Expensive Oil Changes Are Here to Stay

However, oil change may be more expensive with the required 0W-20 weight oil compare to conventional oil. While only having to service the car once or twice a year keep annual cost to nearly a wash.

Hands of a mechanic wearing blue gloves working on a car engine with a spanner in a concept of maintenance and repair

What’s Included in a Tune-up?

As long as there is no such thing as a tune-up in the traditional sense of replacing parts to bring the ignition. Due to fuel systems up to specs for maximum performance and efficiency.

Do You Really Need to Change Your Oil Every 5k Miles?

In fact, you don’t, according to every auto manufacturer we’ve talked to. Hence the main advocates of the 5,000-mile oil change schedule are those who would profit by it.

However, oil change may be more expensive with the required 0W-20 weight oil compare to conventional oil. While only having to service the car once or twice a year keep annual cost to nearly a wash.