80000 Kms Major Car Service Dubai
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80000 Kms Major Car Service Dubai

Major Car Service In DubaiTRD Car Repair Garage has a plethora of exclusive conveniences, making major car service is a breeze in Dubai.

Car Major Service Dubai. We offer your vehicle the best possible care while ensuring your savings.

As one of the leading automotive service providers in the region, TRD Garage offers a wide range of major car service in Dubai, including routine maintenance, mechanical repairs, body repairs, and many more. We have state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled technicians to cater to the needs of various car brands.

80 000 Kms Major Car Service Dubai  for car drivers and owners in Al Quoz, what can be more exciting than getting immediate car service?

For them, TRD Car Repair Garage is a one-stop solution to fix all issues related to the vehicle. Our primary mission is to provide the best services in car repairs and maintenance. From complete diagnosis to maintenance and repairs, you can trust us.

Our team of professional engineers ensures that you avail high-quality car service with complete peace of mind. We also specialize in an extensive range of car service catering to all brands. Our trained technicians use the most sophisticated diagnostic tools and spare them to accomplish car repair assignments.We are providing 80,000 km car service including all the oil changing and tunning services.

On 80,000 km car service, we provide many services like:

Heating & Cooling, Safety, Suspension and General Check over and many more.

Facing a battery problem can exhaust you. A batter is a main source of car switching and other accessories. However, we usually do not concentrate on its health. Frequent battery charges can enhance the life of car batteries. Though in a situation when your car battery is dead. TRD GARAGE is always available to your sport to help in battery jump start in Abu Dhabi.

The Causes of Battery Discharge

There are so many cases we laugh in our call out and find most of the owners do the same mistakes as below.

  1. Leaving the car light switch on.
  2. Any car electric supply bus is short.
  3. Keeping the battery power supply in for a long time without starting the car.
  4. Does not check and put battery water in low average.
  5. When the car generator fails to charge it.

Precautions can help your battery life increase. However, we should take our part to regularly check the battery health or face battery breakdown on road. Though in the situation of low battery power. Call TRD Garage for Battery Jumpstart at +971 55 467 2775. Indeed we are the fullest team available in Abu Dhabi for your help and also available to help you 24/7.

Auto Towing Team on Battery Jump Start

There are so many companies in Abu Dhabi that facilitate your Vehicle Towing. However, we not only supply you with Towing but also provide you Battery Jump Start services. In the situation of a dead battery, you will need assistance for professionals. Our professional experts attend your call and come with battery charging equipment. This equipment is for giving power to the battery source.

The Method of Battery Jump Start

Vehicle batteries can go dead at any time. This means you will need to be ready for such a situation. When you call us to attend battery jump. One of our expert coordination will lead you to the driver’s number. These drivers are very professional to attend calls within 30 mins of Abu Dhabi areas. Moreover, the TRD Garage team is fully engaged with different nationality customers. So the experts can speak to you in your language as well. Significantly when your battery is dead. We usually provide an external power booster to your battery. This power booster increases the battery charge and gives a normal power source to your vehicle.

We have different areas to serve in Abu Dhabi.


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Brands We Service & Repair

Major and Minor Car Services in Dubai

No doubt, regular service, and maintenance of your car will help you to avail increased fuel efficiency. Every car owner wishes that his/her car should have a smooth engine along with improved braking. This can only be possible with regular car maintenance.

Always remember that your vehicle needs comprehensive servicing after completing 80000 kms. The service you opt for after your car has completed 80000 kilometres is also known as effective service.  But being a reputed car servicing agency, we at TRD Car Repair Garage also provide minor car services.

Here is what you get with our minor car services.

  • Oil and oil filter change
  • Inspection of brakes
  • Checking the transmission fluid
  • Diagnosis of the coolant level
  • Thorough check-up of the battery
  • Refilling of brake fluid
  • Checking the pressure of the tire

Note that the minor service includes an extensive health check of your car. We also deploy our advanced car diagnostics tool to sort out any issues.

After your car has completed 80000 kms, you have to opt for primary services. The major car services include the following.

  • Replacement of air filters
  • Rotating the tires
  • Diagnosing the level of AC refrigerant
  • Replacement of minor components
  • Replacing the engine oil filter
  • Replacement of the spark plugs
  • Washing and vacuum
  • Full-service inspection

80000 Km Car Servicing DubaiBook Major Car Services in the Most Hassle-Free Manner

Here is how you can book our primary car services.

  • Book our Services via Phone or Online

You can either call us via phone or book our services online by visiting our website.

  • Collection of the Car

We would send one of our experienced drivers to collect your car at a location and time of your preference. So there is no need to drive your vehicle to our service center.

  • Comprehensive Servicing

Once your car arrives at the workshop, we would designate a service advisor. As your car has completed more than 80000 kilometers, a detailed report with images would be generated. We would always keep you informed by sending the latest updates to your email and phone number.

So contact us today for major car servicing and get your vehicle checked comprehensively.     


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