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However, Drink to TRD Car Garage Service Center. Hence we is a full- service bus form center with educated mechanics in all above over numerous times of experience in the motor assiduity. In fact, not only do we keep your vehicles running safe and easily as well as we also offer a full line of rearmost tools and accouterments . In other hand we service and form all makes and models of motor vehicles.

TRD car garage service center

Then At TRD Car Garage Service center

Especially, we offer guaranteed and detailed explanations of procedures and service recommendations by our educated and friendly service counsels. While our mechanics have experienced rigorous training in fact testing to insure slice- edge moxie in an ever- changing assiduity. So that you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands with us.

Why drive each over city when TRD Garage has every service available lower than one roof, over all at very affordable prices whilst maintaining the loftiest quality. Indeed TRD Car Garage service center is then to serve you and your satisfaction is our business. In either case, our aphorism is “ A Satisfied client is a Returning client ” and we flatter ourselves in excellent workmanship with 95 success rate in this field.

What We Offer

In addition to TRD Garage offers the most ultramodern tools and largely trained labor force to give you the quality vehicle repairs, general conservation and services that you want. Further we perform all kinds of vehicle servicing from preventative conservation. As well as oil painting changes to full service which includes wheel balancing, diagnosing electronic systems, repairing and replacing all thickets, tyres, gear boxes, machines, interior and surface polishing, and numerous further.
Under those circumstances TRD Garage makes your life easier by offering a free volley and delivery service, saving you time and hassle.

Salient point of our company

One stops full service bus form shop
Impeccable standard of Quality products and services
largely trained as well as endured mechanics from each around the world
Free volley and delivery service to save your time
Equipped with the rearmost tools and furthermore technology
High quality workmanship
Fast, in effect service at a fair and affordable price


Whenever you need major machine form or a simple oil painting change – or anything in between –in conclusion we give a full range of services as well as auto conservation in a timely and professional manner. In addition to We deliver the loftiest degree of client satisfaction when all of a sudden, our superior workmanship and service. Our factory is staffed by mechanics from each around the world with further than 30 times of experience in this area, which in the meantime you get absolute peace of mind, when handing over your vehicle to us.

TRD Garage offers

Essentially we are just a many of the auto form and conservation services TRD Garage offers you
in fact preventative conservation and oil painting Change
oil painting and sludge change
Transmission service
Tyre gyration and balancing
Electrical examinations
Complete preventative conservation services
Brake Systems
Brake examinations
ABS opinion and form
Hydraulic repairs
Brake pad relief
Wheel medium opinion
Tyre Systems
Vehicle Tyre gyration and balancing
Tyre form and relief
Wheel alignment
Mufflers and Exhaust
Exhaust tuning
Muffler Form
Bank and noise examination
Muffler and exhaust relief
Steering and suspense
Wheel alignments
Struts and shocks
Coil springs
Drive axles
Steering form
However count on TRD Garage to perform full range of bus form services! For your convenience, we’re ready to take your auto nearly in addition to in any condition.While all you need to do is communicate us and see what sets us piecemeal from the rest. You ’ll be glad you did!


TRD Garage is a full- service bus form center meeting the requirements of guests by minding for their buses of all makes and models. We bear complete responsibility of services handed by us. At our factory in Dubai, all work is performed by trained and endured technicians using the rearmost technology and quality accouterments .

However, TRD Garage wants satisfied guests through high quality products and services in our factory. Whenever that’s why we guarantee to give you with top- notch, professional auto form service, friendly client services, affordable auto form and conservation services.
TRD Garage specializes in furnishing the following kind of bus form services
General conservation to conclude that
Preventative conservation and oil painting change
Brake repairing and reserves
Tyres repairing and reserves
Wheel balancing
Dropping and painting of auto body
Interior and surface polishing
Major machine form
Electronic opinion of all vehicles

All minor and major auto care services

Count on TRD Garage to perform full range of bus form services! For your convenience, we’re ready to take your auto nearly in any condition. All you need to do is communicate us and see what sets us piecemeal from the rest. You ’ll be glad you did!

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