Car Glass Repair & Replacement Dubai
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Car Glass Repair & Replacement Dubai

Car Glass Repair DubaiHave you ever broken the windscreen glass of your new car and looked for a replacement but never found a trusted company? Or had a problem with the machinery in your car, but since you could not get it fixed, it got worse? Do you search for a car glass repair service in Dubai?

Well, you can bid farewell to all such problems. We bring you the answer to all car-related difficulties and more about the Car Glass Repair Service in Dubai. At TRD Car Repair Dubai Garage, we provide several effective and efficient solutions such as:

  • Collision Repair
  • Dent Repair
  • Air conditioning
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Glass replacement
  • Paint scratch repair
  • Tire installation
  • Valet service
  • Brake Repair
  • Wheel alignment
  • Manufacturer service
  • Fluid services
  • Engine Repair
  • Trip inspections

All these services are provided by trained and certified professionals who are experienced with every aspect of the car. Our employees are highly qualified for the job and offer only quality service.

Our professional Technical:

Hence, our team of professionals will recommend repair over replacement if the windshield only has minimal damage, like a crack. Indeed, we think that repair must be done as soon as possible, before the damage increases and becomes so serious that there is no other option than to remove the windshield. Therefore, it’s necessary to contact our Garage center right once to take the necessary action. Hence, no matter how minor the damage may seem to your eyes.

Windscreen may impact the market value of the car:

In fact, selling a vehicle with a broken windshield or window might be difficult. No one could buy a vehicle that is in half damage position. If you eventually decide to sell your automobile. While the shattered windshield can force you to offer a lower asking price. Therefore, a damaged windshield or back window requires rapid attention.

Brands We Service & Repair

Why Are We Better?

If you think all of this might cost a lot, you are wrong. We at TRD Car Repair Garage Al Quoz, Dubai aim at providing quality service at reasonable prices, further cutting out the unnecessary business expenses. Along with quality wind screen repairs, our garage also offer free loaner cars, free shuttle service, and valet service in Al Quoz.

We can ensure that the car issue you came with will be solved in no time and not resurface any time soon. However, if you have a lot of repairs, we have several special offers you can choose from,making your overall costs even cheaper.  The packages provided by our center mainly consist of:

  • Replacing your existing motor oil with a quality brand
  • Replacing the brake shoes
  • Checking for gear issues and repairing them if any

Windscreen Repair & Replacement

With over 1000 happy customers and 1500 successful repairs in Al Quoz, we can proudly say that we are now one of the top auto repair companies in Dubai. Come and get your car fixed from us without any further delay!


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