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Ford Repair Dubai

Ford Repair DubaiYou are search about Ford repair Dubai?No doubt, Ford is one of the most innovative car makers in the world. Ford has the unique accreditation of combining elegance with affordability. Though Ford cars are durable and sturdy, you cannot ignore the significance of timely maintenance. Just like any other car, a Ford car needs proper maintenance. You can now avail of reliable Ford car repair and service at our auto workshop in Dubai. Our state-of-the-art auto workshop comprises a large number of skilled engineers and technicians who can embark on any repair work. Our car garage combines professionalism with friendliness to provide you with the best services.

TRD GARAGE Ford Repair In Dubai

We cover everything from general Ford form and full examinations to bodywork, machine form, and variations

If you’re looking for the stylish and most dependable Ford form in Dubai? You have come to the right place – our Ford specialists will work through each step of the process in a flawless and smooth manner.
It begins with us picking up your Ford from your home or office for free. Our technicians will also put your vehicle through a thorough opinion keeping in view your complaints. At each step of the process, you’ll be kept up to date along with a detail individual report.

You’ll admit a transparent and honest estimate with a complete cost breakdown. Once we’ve your blessing, we begin working on your Ford and resolve all issues outlined in our original assessment and estimate.
Once every think has been fix we perform a final road test to insure every think is work as it should. Eventually, TRD GARAGE will wash and vacuum your Ford and deliver it you anywhere in Dubai.

TRD GARAGE ’ operation has over 20 times of experience in running successful bus shops in Los Angeles. We bring the world’s stylish bus form methodologies and ways to Dubai and give a service that’s grounded on professionalism and excellence. Our thing is to keep your Ford on the road for the longest possible time with the least quantities of visits to the factory – and that’s why we’ve one of the loftiest success rates among all bus shops in Dubai.


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Our MG Services

MG AC Repair

  • AC Gas Refill
  • Leakage Checkup
  • Fitting Check

MG Oil Change

  • Oil Filter Change
  • Oil Flushing
  • 360-degree Check

MG Transmission Repair

  • Transmission Inspection
  • Transmission Programming
  • Arrangement of Gears

MG Battery Replacement

  • Battery Inspection
  • Battery Services
  • Comprehensive Electrical Check

MG Scanning & Diagnostics

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Gearbox Diagnostics
  • Advanced Diagnostics Software

MG Engine Repair

  • Engine Diagnosis
  • Rebuilding to Repair
  • Complete Overhaul

MG Recovery

  • Towing Services
  • Flat Battery Recovery
  • Roadside Assistance

MG Maintenance

  • Inspect The Coolant
  • Brake Pads
  • All Suspension Components

Brands We Service & Repair

We execute Minor and Major Car Servicing

Our garage is your one-stop solution for major and minor car servicing. Regular servicing and maintenance are integral to the overall performance of your vehicle. Our service centre specialises in carrying out major and minor repairs like:

  • Engine oil filter replacement
  • AC filter cleaning
  • Safety checks on the key components
  • Topping up fluids like coolants and brake oil
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Transmission service after every 60000 kilometres

Avail Extensive Paintwork at our Service Centre

As the proud owner of a Ford, you should always be cautious about the dents and scratches. Our dedicated service shop can repair minor and major scratches and dents. We have a dedicated group of technicians who execute repairs on your car’s body. Here are some body repair services we provide at our service centre.

  • Dent removal using advanced tools
  • Nano ceramic paint protection
  • Car wrapping and foiling
  • Tinting of car windows
  • Interior and exterior detailing
  • Spray painting Ford cars

Our wide expertise in car repairing services makes us unique among others. Get your Ford car repaired at pour dedicated workshop in Dubai.


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