Top 10 summer car care and maintenance tips

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Car Care Tips There’s no denying that the arrival of summer makes us excited for road trips. However, before hitting the highways, you must always go through a list of pre-drive drills to ensure. That the car is in perfect order for a long drive under the sun. Indeed you don’t aspire to be left stranded in the middle of a highway. Because you neglected some essential car service.

1.) Check Your Tires

It’s essential to mention that checking the tire pressures regularly can pay you handsomely in the long run. One cannot deny that you can do much more than just keeping your tires in good shape. However, tire pressure checking is an integral part of your overall maintenance.
If you are driving a car with either an over-inflated, under-inflated, misaligned, or worn tire. It can lead you to a reduction in fuel economy. Otherwise, it could also contribute to a dangerous blowout midway on the road. In case you realize that your tire pressure is dropping consistently. You must at least consider the possibility of a slow leak.

2.) Change Oil and Filter

Car Care Tips It’s hard to look otherwise from the fact that oil is the most valuable fluid inside a car- your car engine wouldn’t function without the oil, simple. This is why appropriate lubrication is genuinely necessary to maintain an efficient motor running. Effectively retaining its best qualities for the long haul. If you see any issue with your oil and filter in the car, you must consider a car oil change.

3.) De-Winterize Your Car

Car Care Tips De-winterization is a clinical tip that you must follow each time your take out the vehicle post the winter holidays. Next, you must evaluate all the fluid levels in your car, especially the oil levels. Once you are done with the fluid levels, you must check under the vehicle for any potential leaks.

Your search must include the likes of coolant and windshield wiper fluid. You should pay special attention to coolant as it contributes to guarding the car engine against overheating in the summer weather. If necessary, get your vehicle to a car oil change.

4.) Check Hoses and Belts

Up next, you must also observe the conditioning of your radiator fan inside the car. It must function as per usual without any leak. It would help if you inspected both the upper and lower radiator hoses minutely for any hairline cracks. It’s essential to mention that if there’s any fault in the hoses, the car engine will overheat within minutes.

5.) Change the Air Filter

You must also check if the air filter in your car is working as per its functionality underrated by most. The air filter acts as a fundamental barrier for dirt and debris. This helps your vehicle to prevent debris from entering the car for potential engine damage. Furthermore, the air filter can work against your benefit if you ignore the dirt coming in, effectively restricting the airflow in time.

6.) Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Car wiper blades are typically developed from rubber that eventually wear out post-rigorous using wiping dust and running for months. When your wiper starts leaving traces on your windshield or is no longer efficient to clear out the mud, you must realize it’s time to replace it.

7.) Check Your Brakes

Car Care Tips There’s no denying that the brakes in your car play a pivotal role in your overall driving experience. As they are an automotive safety component, you must always check them at every interval to ensure they are in perfect condition. Determining a faulty car brake is surprisingly easy. You must look closely into the brake pad to see if they have worn out or the shoes have eroded their minimum thickness standard.

8.) Check the Coolant and Radiator

If you plan to take out the car in the summer for a long drive, you must check if the cooling system is in the proper condition for the job. It would help if you also looked into the coolant levels.

9.) Clean you’re Battery

It is imperative to mention that intense summer climates can negatively impact your car’s battery’s lifespan. Primarily, the scorching temperature will contribute to the battery fluid evaporating significantly. Furthermore, it can also boost the reactive speed up inside your battery’s chemical reaction; thereby, driving using an overcharged condition will tremendously affect the life span.

10.) Maintain Your Air Conditioning

Finally, it’s fitting to talk about air conditioning when heading out for a long drive under the summer heat. You should test the air conditioning of your car by measuring its consistency in air temperatures. If the device can’t hold onto ten degrees Celsius below the room temperature for long, you must check for a leak in the system.

You must realize that modern air conditioning systems are incredibly complicated. This is when you must consider a car service.

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